February 28th, 2011


"Ms. Kara will you build a fire with me?"
Me "I would love to."
"We need big sticks."
Me "Is it going to be a really big fire?"
"Yes, very big."
Me "What color will it be?"
Me "Will it keep us warm?"
"Yes very warm."
Me "Will it burn me if I get too close?"
"Fires are very hot......but.... Ms.Kara.....this is just pretend....did you not know that?"

Silly me. I guess I got a little too into the fire building for my three year old friend.

Everyone had a wonderful break, but I was very happy to be back playing pretend with all my young friends. I missed their smiles and constant curiosity.

Today is also a very special day here.....20 years ago today my parents purchased the first piece of land that is now known as Serenbe and they started a journey that has forever changed so many lives.


February 18th, 2011


We have winter break next week (although it feels like it should be spring break) so before we went home today a few of the kids were telling me their plans.....

I am going to spend all day playing with my sister and my baby brother. But not my other brother, he is too mysterious for me.

I am going to do so many special things. I am going to the circus and to Mississippi and all over.

My brother planned a party for me. And then I am getting on a plane. 

I am going to take lots of walks.

Me "It sounds like all of you are going to have so much fun. I will miss you."
Lucy "I will miss you too Ms.Kara."
Harry "You can see me on my walks."
Napoleon "I will draw a map for you and you can come find me."
Odelia "I will be so busy....but I will miss you and before you know it I will see you again."

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great week next week! Ill be back on Monday the 28th!


February 17th, 2011


at various times during lunch, or when we have a treat, or anytime something is being handed out and it is not all exactly the same......Harry speaks up and say this.....

"You get what you get AND you don't throw a fit."

So there. No more complaining. Makes me laugh every time.


February 16th, 2011


Today, since it was so beautiful, we were outside for our after school art program. As we were drawing, a huge flock of birds flew overheard and we all looked up.

"Where do you think they are going?"
Me "I am not sure Napoleon. Where do you think they are going?"
"Well they are leaving Serenbe. And I don't know why they would want to do that. It's their wings fault, not theirs."


February 15th, 2011


upon walking in the door with her pretty skirt and shirt on...
"Mom you made me be beautiful all day today, can I wear my jeans now?"

I love this comment because it so perfectly fits Sally. and obviously it happened at home....after school hours......
So that brings me to my new addition to the blog!

I am always hearing great stories from parents, friends, etc and so my sister suggested that every now and then I should post a funny story that I enjoyed (but did not personally hear).

Sooooo if you are a parent of one of the adorable kiddos I have the pleasure of spending my days with OR a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a friend, (anything!) of any adorable child please send me their cute story.
I will do a drawing every few weeks and post it on the blog. Once you have submitted it, I will keep it in the pot so it could appear weeks or months after you submit it.

Send stories to kara@serenbe.com


February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Today we had a special valentines tea party and the kids were just too cute so I have to do more than one story...

Me "Cornelius, you look very handsome today."
"Well thank you Ms. Kara. You look very pretty."

"This valentine is for you Ms. Kara......it shows you how much I love you."
Me "Aw thank you Jacob, I love you too."
"Thank you.... Do you have my valentine?"
Me "Yes I put it in your bag."
"Oh, okay. Thanks."

Decked out in her full party attire....fancy dress...gloves...a bracelet...and two rings.....
"Ms. Kara do you like my outfit?"
Me "Yes Odelia. I love it."
"Is it the prettiest dress you have ever seen?"
Me "Yes, I think it is."  
"Am I the fanciest girl in the class?"
Me "Yes mam. Today you are."
"Thank you."

Spending Valentine's Day with these adorable kids that I love dearly reminded me that although yes this is a Hallmark holiday it is a wonderful time to remember to tell EVERYONE you care about just how much you love them.

Happy Hearts Day Everyone!


February 11th, 2011


"Ms. Kara do you like my really big socks?"
Me "Yes, I do."
"They are like your tights. They are really really tall."
Me "Yes they are very tall."
"I have never met a giant before....but they are so big I think they might fit a giant."
Me "Maybe you could meet a giant this weekend."
"Yes, I will do that. I will look for a giant."

Happy Weekend!
and Happy Birthday to Napoleon and Happy Belated Birthday to Sally!


February 10th, 2011


"Ms. Kara today for our food preparation work can we make orange juice instead of lemon juice?"
Me "We are all out of oranges so we have to use lemons for now."
"Oh, man."
Me "Did you not like the lemon juice you had yesterday?"
"Noooooo. It was so sour. It made me drop the glass."
Me "How did it make you drop the glass?"
"I felt the sour in my mouth....and all over....and it made me go CRAZY."

**if i had a picture of the face Cornelius made while saying it made him go crazy this post would be even better.


February 9th, 2011


Every Wednesday after school we have art class.

"Ms. Kara look I drew a shrink ray."
Me "Do you mean a sting ray?"
"Noooooo, a SHRINK RAY."
Me "What is a shrink ray?"
"You know....something that shrinks things....like people."
Me "Oh I see, that's cool."
"Yep. And do you know what is even cooler?"
Me "What?"
"After I drew it, I turned into a scientist!......But just for a little bit."


Februay 8th, 2001


Today was one of those long days where everyone seems to be a little cranky....

"Ms. Kara, will you sit down?"
Me "Yes, why?"
"Because I want to sit in your lap."
Me "Are you tired?"
"I want to sit in your lap because I love you."

They always seem to know what to say to put a smile on your face....


February 7th, 2011

Lucy, Harry and Jacob

Jacob "Ms. Kara does everyone live in North America?"
Me "People live all over the world. But most of the people you know do live in North America."
Lucy "I use to live in South Carolina. Now I live in Georgia. Those are both in North America. But... Santa Claus does not live in North America."
Jacob "He lives in the North Pole."
Harry "I think you can take a jet plane to get there."
Lucy "Probably a snow plane."
Jacob "So we live in North America?"
Me "Yes, that is correct."
Harry "I do not live in North America."
Me "Where do you live?"
Harry "I live on Serenbe Lane."


February 4th, 2011

Jacob and Harry

Jacob "Are we going to go outside today?"
Me "Maybe, it depends on the rain."
Jacob "What does maybe mean?"
Me "It means that there is a possibility."
Jacob "Whats a possibility?"
Me "That it might happen. Maybe yes, maybe no."
Jacob "Maybe yes......?"
Harry "Maybe means no. She just doesn't want to say no yet."

Enjoy your weekend!!


February 3rd, 2011

Edward and Colby

Every Thursday is Show and Share so there is always lots of chatter about it in the morning when everyone arrives.

Edward "Ms. Kara, I am not going to bring anymore show and shares until I get another pet."
Me "What happened to your gecko that you brought in last week?"
Edward "Well, um.....he is no longer around."
Colby "Did he die?"
Edward "Well yes."
Colby "I meant to say pass. Did he pass? It sounds better that way."
Edward "Yes, he passed."
Me "I am so sorry to hear that. Did you have a funeral for him?"
Edward "No not yet. First my dad has to take him back to PetsMart to see if we can get another one."


February 2nd, 2011

The whole class

"Cough, cough......cough, cough."
Me "Do you feel alright?"
"Yes, it is just a cough."
Me "Are you sick?"
"No...no. My mom says I am not sick."


February 1st, 2011


"Ms. Kara, am I dreaming?"
Me "No....why?"
"So this is real life?:
Me "Yes...why?"
"Well lately I have been dreaming that I am in school and we are doing something fun, but then I wake up. And right now I am having fun so I just wanted to make sure that I was not dreaming."