November 30th, 2011


"Ms. Kara did you know that you can wash your clothes or dry clean them?"
Me "Yes I did know that."
"Most of my clothes are play clothes so you can just throw them in the wash."
Me "And do you have clothes that you dry clean?"
"Nooooo but my dad does. His work clothes. You have to take those to the dry cleaners. So you can't spill on them like my clothes. You have to be careful."

Very perceptive.


November 29th, 2011


"Ms. Kara guess what?"
Me "What?"
"Disney World is the coolest place in the whole world."
Me "So I guess that means you had fun on your trip?"

"Guess what else?"
Me "What?"
"I missed you."


November 28th, 2011


"Ms. Kara I can not eat any more lunch. I am too full from Thanksgiving."

Everyone had lots of fun over the break and enjoyed talking about all the food they ate!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


November 18th, 2011

Thanksgiving plans...

"I am going to make cookies and eat them."

"I am going to Disney World. I want to stay for 30 years."

"I am going to have a big turkey feast. That is what Thanksgivings are. You go to your grandmother's and they cook you a feast."

We are off for the week so all the little ones will be having fun at home.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


November 17th, 2011


"Ms. Kara before I moved I lived in Georgia."
Me "Where do you live now?"
"Well I still live in Georgia but it is called Serenbe which is more special."

I love seeing Serenbe through the eyes of the little ones.


November 16th, 2011


Me "Jacob try and walk around the puddle so you do not get wet."
"Buttttt Ms. Kara my shoes are water soakers."
Me "What does that mean?"
"The water hits them and my shoes soak it up but my feet do not get wet."
Me "That is really neat but we still need to try and walk around the puddles."


November 15th, 2011


With his arms raised up signaling that he is done walking and would like a ride...

"I want to carry you."


November 14th, 2011


"Ms. Kara guess what I did this weekend?"
Me "What did you do?"
"I rode my bike down the hill...over a bump (bump!)...and then back up the hill. And then I did it again and again."


November 11th, 2011


While building a fort and collecting wood chips....

"We have 8,899 guests coming over so we need to make a lot of turkey."
Me "How many people are coming?"
"A LOT."

Hard at work for a few minutes....

"And with the leftovers we can make pumpkin pie."
Me "The leftover turkey?"
"No....the leftover wood chips...it is pretend."

We just finished talking about what everyone was for Halloween and now it is almost Thanksgiving. Love this time of year.

Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday to the best dad ever and thank you for all you do!


November 10th, 2011


"Ms. Kara it is so cold I think the whole world is going to turn to ice."

I am glad she lives in the south and not the north.


November 9th, 2011


"I like doing crafts outside because you can also listen to the birds sing."



November 8th, 2011


"Lucy, I wished that we lived together....well actually no I don't. If we lived together we couldn't get married."


November 7th, 2011


"Ms. Kara my shop is open would you like to buy something?"
Me "What are you selling?"
"Pine straw."
Me "How much is it?"
"Thirty dollars."
Me "That is expensive."
"It is really good pine straw. It is very strong. You can build a house with that."

Landry "Ms. Kara I don't think you should buy that."

"Okay twenty dollars."


November 4th, 2011


"Ms. Kara did you know that space goes on forever
....and that birds have hollow bones....
AND horses sleep with their eyes open."
Me "Wow, you are very smart."
"I can teach you one more thing but then I want to play since it is Friday."
Me "Okay, one more thing and then you can play."
"Another word for fall is autumn. Oh and love never ends."

AND that is why I love my job.

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!


November 3rd, 2011


Today we had show and share and Julianna brought in her pom pom.

Me "Julianna will you tell us about your pom pom?"
"Roll tide."
Me "Do you like football?"
"Rollll tidee."
Me "Do you love Alabama?"
"Roll tide."

I think someone might have a cheerleader in the making.....


November 2nd, 2011


He was laughing to himself and I asked...

Me "Are you silly?"
Me "Are you goofy?"
Me "Are you funny?"
Me "Are you cute?"

November 1st, 2011

Lucy and Landry

Lucy "Landry where is your new house?"
Landry "In Serenbe."
Lucy "Where in Serenbe?"
Landry "In Grange. It is being built."
Lucy "My house was just built. When the builders finished our house I think they started on your house. That's how it works. They build all of our friend's houses."