March 31st, 2011


"Ms. Kara when you get home who is waiting for you?"
Me "Sometimes my sister, Ms. Garnie, is there but sometimes no one is there."
"So you are just home all alone? All by yourself?"
Me "Yes. When you get older and you do not live with your parents anymore it is okay to be home by yourself."
"Oh okay. Well if you want to come over to my house you can. My mom is there."
Me "Thanks Harry. That is very sweet of you."

When you are four the idea of not living with your parents is just too hard to grasp.

Happy Birthday to my little sister Quinn!!


March 30th, 2011


Napoleon has beautiful curly blond hair. He once told me he felt like a lion. He recently got a haircut and it is a little shorter right now.

After shaking his head and messing his hair up with his hands he looked at me and said...

"Do I look like Napoleon again?"
Me "Yes, of course."
"Let me go look in the mirror just to be sure."



March 29th, 2011


"Ms. Kara I want to marry you."
Me "That is very sweet."
"So you can't have a husband until I get older."
Me "Well that is kind of a long time."
"Well I will get big fast through the magic of Santa Claus."
Me "Oh, I see."
"Yes, I made a wish about it. So it will happen."


March 28th, 2011


"Ms. Kara, I wore my rain boots today because it is cold and rainy outside."
Me "I like them."
"When it is raining you can also wear a rain coat. And bring a rain umbrella."
Me "What else?"
"Hmmm maybe a rain hat."
Me "So your head can stay dry."
"Yes! I am so chilly."
Me "When it is raining do you like to stay inside and be warm?"
"No.....(looking at me with a very confused look)....I want to go outside and jump in the puddles."

Silly Me.

Happy Birthday to my big sister Garnie!


March 25th, 2011


"Ms. Kara would you like to come over to my house this weekend for some crumble cake?"
Me "Yes, that sounds delicious."
"You can not come tonight though because I have not made it yet."
Me "When are you going to make it?"
"Today when I get home from school. It is going to be delicious."
Me "Have you made it before?"
"No. But it should be easy. My mom has the directions and everything else we need."
Me "Well I can't wait to hear all about it on Monday."
"You can taste it. Remember you're coming over."

My favorite thing about Friday is all the weekend "plans" that get made.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


March 24th, 2011


"Ms. Kara I am very tired."
Me "Would you like to sit on my lap."

After an hour of sitting in my lap cuddled up against me and barely moving he looked up and said....

"How long have I been sitting here like this?"
Me "Hmmm almost an hour I think."
"Wow....I guess I should stretch my arms....but then I'll sit here for just a little longer."

Melt my heart.


March 23rd, 2011


"Ms. Kara will you have a baby growing in your stomach someday?"
Me "Maybe someday."
"Great, I would like to meet her."


March 22nd, 2011


"Ms. Kara we are missing a puzzle piece and I can not find it."

after looking for about 10 minutes....

Me "Odelia I do not think it is here. It must be lost."
"But I need it. So it HAS to be here somewhere."

If only life worked that way........


March 21st, 2011


while holding onto his tooth.....

"Ms. Kara I do not want my teeth to come out."
Me "It's okay you have a few years before that will happen and it will not hurt. They are supposed to fall out."
"But I like my teeth."
Me "You will get new ones. They will be bigger and you will like them just as much."
"I hope so."


March 18th, 2011


As soon as Charlotte walked into class this morning she stood right in front of me with her hands behind her back....

"Ms. Kara I have something for you!"
Me "What is it?"
"Taaa daaaa. An APPLE."

She is three. And she came up with that idea all on her own. Too cute.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


March 17th, 2011


Odelia was decked out in all green today and she brought in special treats for the class. Her mom is from Ireland.

Me "Odelia do you like St. Patrick's Day?"
"Yes, I get to have treats."
Me "Do you think the kids in Ireland are doing something special in school today?"
Me "What do you think they are doing?"
"I don't know. Maybe celebrating the 4th of July."
Me "Why would they be doing that?"
"Because we are celebrating them so they should be celebrating us."

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


March 16th, 2011


I walked into the bathroom to find Bennett standing there and smiling.

Me "Bennett, what are you doing?"
"Looking at the new pictures on the wall."
Me "Do you like them?"
Me "I am so glad. Ms. Lisa put them up yesterday."
"They are so beautiful."
Me "Yes, they are."
"I am so happy."

It's the simple things in life....


March 15th, 2011


while gazing off into the distance

Me "Napoleon.....Napoleon......(tap on the shoulder) Napoleon.
"Oh, was I sleeping?"
Me "No, I think you were day dreaming."
"What is day dreaming?"
Me "When you are awake but you are dreaming or thinking about something else."
"It felt like I was sleeping. But my eyes were open."


March 14th, 2011

Addison and Odelia

Addison "Odelia, I think I might marry my friend that I met on my trip."
Odelia "That's okay. I will marry your brother."
Addison "We can still like each other. And be friends. And we could live next door to each other."
Odelia "Yes, maybe when you grow up you could move in the house next door to mine."
Addison "Yes, that would be great."
Odelia "Okay. Now let's have snack."

If only life were so easy....


March 11th, 2011


I was not in class today because I took the day off to head down to the beach for a weekend with some girlfriends.  So... before I left I did a random selection from all the stories that have been submitted so far!

This is a conversation Colby had with his Dad while he was at the beach a few weeks ago...

Dad "That's quite a hole you're digging."
"I'm digging for water." (as his hole fills up with water)
Dad "Looks like you're doing a good job."
"I'm going to need a lot to give to the people in Haiti."

So sweet. 

Keep sending in stories!

Have a great weekend everyone! 


March 10th, 2011


"Ms. Kara, will you touch this pencil? I just sharpened it and it is really sharp."
Me "That looks very sharp, it might hurt my finger."
"Yes, it might."
Me "So why do you want me to touch it?"
"Because I want to know how sharp it is....and you are an adult so it will hurt you less than me."


March 9th, 2011


"Ms. Kara do you know about James and the Giant Peach?"
Me "Yes, I do."
Me "I read the story when I was a little girl."
"Oh...well I watched it through the majic of television.....I love it."
Me "Do you wish you had a giant peach?"
"I sure do...I looked all over my house...but all we had were normal size ones."


March 8th, 2011


During lunch....

"Ms. Kara, where are your eggs?"
Me "I did not bring any today."
"Did you not bring them because we were being mean? You know....all of us....about you eating a baby chick."
Me (holding back laughter) "No no, I just did not want any today."
"Oh okay. Well we are sorry."
Me "It's okay. Thank you though. Maybe I will bring some tomorrow."

Happy Birthday to Addison!!


March 7th, 2011


While we were walking home....

"Ms. Kara, would you like to come over and play?"
Me "Well your mom might have something planned."
"She probably has a few things to do but I have finished everything I had planned so my schedule is all clear."

I was a big "planner" at a young age so I'm glad to know I am not the only one.

Happy Birthday to Cornelius and Nathaniel!!


March 4th, 2011


"Ms. Kara.....Edward doesn't like me anymore."

Marguerite and Edward have a long standing relationship. Edward is a sweetheart and quite the ladies man.

Me "Did he say that?"
"No....but he is not talking to me right now."
Me "Well why don't you go and try to talk to him."

3 min later

"He would not talk to me."
Me "Why not?"
"He is talking to his friends right now."
Me "Well sometimes that happens. Boys just need time. How about you finish writing in your notebook and not worry about it and by the time we get on the playground I bet he will talk to you again."

1 hour later and 3 min into being on the playground

a big hug followed by...."Thanks, Ms.Kara"

Whether you are 5...15...25...35...and so on.....some things never change. I am glad that for the time being I could be of help with the 5 year old relationship drama.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!


March 3rd, 2011


The fascination with the chicken eggs has begun......and I usually eat a few hard boiled eggs at lunch....

"MS. KARA!!"
Me "Yes, Lucy?"
"Do not eat that egg....there is a chicken in there."
Me "No, its okay. I brought this egg from home. Just like I do almost everyday. It is hard boiled."
"You are gonna eat a baby chick?"
Me "No. This egg will not make a baby chicken."

Next comes a ten min long conversation explaining chicken eggs and how some are fertilized (have baby chickens in them) and some are not and you eat those....scrambled, sunny side up, etc. Stories are told, questions are asked and everyone seems to understand. Then two more min go by and I go to take a bite of my egg....

Lucy and Odelia (while giggling) "Ms. Kara, Ms.Kara you are eating a baby chicken."
followed by lots of giggles.

That might be the end of me eating hard boiled eggs for lunch.


March 2nd, 2011


We are hatching chicken eggs in class so we just set up the incubator and explained it to all of the kids. As you can imagine, many of them are very intrigued by it.

"Ms. Kara, when will the chicken eggs hatch?"
Me "Not for a little while."
"So not until after lunch?"
Me "No, not for a few weeks."
"ohhhhh.....well why do they have to stay inside that box?"
Me "That is the incubator. It keeps the eggs warm."

after three failed attempts at saying the word incubator.....

"Can I take them out of the....you know.....the word you keep saying...."
Me "No, they have to stay in there until they hatch."
"And then we can take them out?"
Me "Yes."
"Great. I cant wait to meet them."


March 1st, 2011

Lucy and Odelia

Odelia "Lucy did you know my birthday is soon?"
Lucy "When?"
Odelia "In April."
Lucy "That is before mine."
Odelia "Which means I will be five before you."
Lucy "That's okay. Because you will be an adult before me. So I get to be a kid longer."

I think all kids under the age of six make for amazing lawyers.