January 31st, 2011


After I saw Odelia sitting on the playground by herself for a few minutes I went over to talk to her.

Me "Odelia, What are you doing?"
"Shh Ms. Kara, I am waiting for my prince."
Me "Oh is he close by?"
"He might be I just have to wait and see."

30 min later after we have gone inside
Me "Odelia, whats wrong?"
"My prince did not find me on the playground and I am not happy about it."
Me "Well maybe he will find you tomorrow."
"But tomorrow is sooooo far away and I do not want to have to wait that long."

If only tomorrow still seemed like it was sooooo far away.....


January 28th, 2011


"Ms. Kara I am excited for the weekend."
Me "So am I. Do you have something special planned?"
"Yes, I am having a magic show and a potluck."
Me "That sounds really fun."
"Yes it will be. I am going to make people disappear."
Me "How neat, I would love to see that."
"Well you are invited, the whole class is invited....I have already told a few people."
Me "Does your mom know about this potluck and magic show....and that you are inviting your whole class?"
"No, I just came up with the idea. Ill tell her when I get home."

Happy Weekend! Have a potluck with friends!


January 27th, 2011

Lucy and Odelia

Lucy "I want to be 100 and google."
Odelia "Me too."
Me "Why do you want to be google?"
Odelia and Lucy "Because it is the biggest of all the numbers."
Me "Oh I see, and why do you want to be that."
Lucy "Because than you are the oldest person in the whole world."
Odelia "And then you get to be in charge of everyone."
Me "Why does the oldest person get to be in charge?"
Lucy and Odelia "That is just how it works Ms. Kara"
Lucy "And then we can do whatever we want."
Odelia "Like eat candy."
Lucy "And never go to sleep."
Odelia "And play all the time."
Lucy "And fall on your head....your own head, not your brothers."
Odelia "And wear whatever you want."
Lucy "I cant wait to be 100 and google."
Odelia "And be in charge of the world."

Oh what a different place it would be if two four year olds ran the world......


January 26th, 2011


Garnie (my older/big sister) and Quinn (my younger/baby sister) often bring me lunch at school.
So naturally the kids are intrigued by them and ask questions.
Harry knows Garnie but has never met Quinn.

So....Quinn brings me lunch.....and after she leaves.....

"Who was that?"
Me "That was Quinn, my younger sister."
"Like how Ms. Garnie is your sister?"
Me "Yes remember how we talked about how I have two sisters? One is older and one is younger."
"Oh yes, like how I have a baby brother?"
Me "Yes, like that. Quinn is my baby sister."
Long pause followed by Harry slowly turning his head.....
"Ms. Kara, that WAS NOT a baby. She was a real live adult."


January 25th, 2011

Molly and Marguerite

Molly "Did you know that we are going to be in a new school next year?"
Marguerite "Yes, I did."
Molly "And then before you know it we will be in elementary school."
Marguerite "Yes."
Molly "And then we will be in seventh grade, and then high school, and then COLLEGE.....(pause).....do you know what kind of college you want to go to?"
Marguerite "Molly....I am five."


January 24th, 2011


"Ms. Kara are you married?"
Me "No, not yet."
"So where do you live?"
Me "I live with my sister."
"Oh, ok."

The next day
"Ms. Kara are you married yet?"
Me "No, not yet."
"When will you get married?"
Me "Probably in a few years when I am a little older."
Me "Jacob would you like to come to my wedding?"
"Can my parents come?"
Me "Yes."
"Will there be cake?"
Me "Yes?"
"Ok, Ill be there."


January 21st, 2011

The majority of the class at different times in the morning or after we come in from the playground......

Me "Do you want to take your coat off?"
Me 10 min later "How about now?"
Me "Are you hot?"
Me "So why do you not want to take your coat off?"
"It just seems like a whole lot of work....on, off, on, off. Ill just keep it on."

Happy Friday!! Stay warm!!


January 20th, 2011


"Ms. Kara, did you know that rocketships go to space?"
Me "Yes, I did."
Me "Would you like to go to space?"
Me "Why not?"
"It is really really dark up there."
Me "Oh, and you don't like the dark?'
"Dora goes to space."
Me "Would you go with her?"
"Maybe, she has a map of outer space."
Me "That is neat. Do you have a map of outer space?"
"Hm, no I do not. Maybe I should order one of those from the store when I get home."


January 19th, 2011


"Ms. Kara, where do babies come from?"
Me "Odelia I think your mom would probably like to explain that to you."
"But she will not know the answer."
Me "I think she probably will."
"No she wont."
Me "How do you know?"
"She wont know because she is not a teacher."


January 18th, 2011


Almost everyday for lunch Napoleon has a jelly sandwich and he loves it. So one day when he sat starring at it for over five minutes, I was curious what the problem was.

Me "Napoleon is something wrong with your sandwich?"
"Uh, Yes."
Me "What's wrong with it?"
"My mom is out of town."

Sometimes moms just know best.


January 14th, 2011

Another Snow Day!!

Since we had a play day yesterday I guess it is now technically just a four day weekend but we basically have a ten day unexpected snow vacation. Crazy!

Glad I got some snuggles from the kiddos yesterday....I'm off to Colorado to go skiing!

Happy LOONNGGGG Weekend!


January 13th, 2011

Technically today was still a snow day and school was closed.
However, I knew several parents in the neighborhood were going stir crazy and since several of us walk to school I decided to host an informal "play day" for those who could make it.


"Ms. Kara if we are not doing our work today why are we at school?"
Me "We are going to have a play day and do games and crafts."
"Couldn't we have just played at home?"
Me "Yes, but this will be more fun because you can be with all your friends."
"Oh okay....(brief pause)....and maybe because the moms and dads and grownups and stuff maybe needed a little break at home?


January 12th, 2011

Snow Day round three!

I know the kids and I are enjoying playing in the snow, but I would love to know how many parents are ready for school to go back......

Stay warm!!


January 7th, 2011

Sally and Colby

"Ms. Kara, did you build Serenbe?"
Me "No not exactly. My parents founded Serenbe."
"Did you build that bench?"
Me "No, a builder did."
"What does founded mean?"
Me "Founded means that you came up with the idea."
"Oh so your mom and dad came up with Serenbe and then you built the roads and Ms. Garnie built the buildings?"

Happy Friday everyone!!


January 6th 2011

My very first post!
I became a preschool teacher in August 2010 and I have loved absolutely every minute of it. Each and every day one of the kids says something that makes me laugh and I love telling people what they said. So I finally decided to start a blog! I am not much of a writer so each post will consist simply of one hilarious conversation, comment, or statement I heard that day.
At the moment there are 15 kids in our class and I will make up names for each of them unless I get permission from a parent to use their real name. There are a handful of kids who are the main talkers so you might see the same five names on a regular basis. But be sure to watch for the names you do not see that often. Sometimes those are the best.
In honor of the first post I will write my current top three favorite conversations. From here on out there will be one per day.

"Ms. Kara, your socks are very soft."
Me "Thank you but these are tights."
(brief pause followed by Jacob bending over and looking all the way up my dress and then popping right back up) "WOW, they go all the way to the top."
Me holding back my laughter "Yes, Jacob they sure do."

"Ms. Kara I do not ever want to get married because I do not want my belly to be cut open."
Me "Yes Odelia sometimes when you have a baby your belly gets cut open but you can get married and not have a baby."
"Well I still do not want to ever get married."
Me "Why?"
"Because I want to be a princess forever."

"Ms. Kara do you know what happens if you try new foods?"
Me "What happens?"
"You get a new movie."

Oh what will they say today......