March 31st, 2012

A very happy birthday to my little sister Quinn from all the kids!!


March 29th, 2012


"Ms. Kara do you like my painted nails?"
Me "Yes, they are beautiful."
"Thank you. My mommy painted them for me."
Me "That was very sweet of her."
"Your nails are pretty too. Did your mommy paint them?"
Me "No, someone else painted them for me."
"You should ask your mommy to paint them. They are good at it."

So Sweet!

We are off next week for spring break so I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a Happy Easter!!



March 27th, 2012


"Ms. Kara do I have to eat this pineapple?"
Me "Have you tried it?"
"Yes...it makes my teeth feel weird."
Me "Well then you do not have to eat any more."
"My teeth still feel really funny. I think just looking at it makes them feel funny."


March 22nd, 2012


"Ms. Kara did you know gerbs are bad?"
Me "What are gerbs?"
"You know gerbs. They are bad. They make you sick."
Me "Germs?"
"Yes. Gerbs. Gerbs are yuck. You don't want gerbs."


March 20th, 2012


"Ms. Kara when I was just a baby I did not really believe in anything. I just believed in me. Now that I am older I believe in lots of things."


March 15th, 2012


"Ms. Kara look there are two bird's nest next to each other....if they were people we would call them neighbors."


March 13th, 2012


"Ms. Kara did you know your sister got married?"
Me "I did not know that."
"Well she did. I saw her wedding through a window."
Me "Did you have a dream that she got married?"
"No...she really got married. Now she is your sister and a wife."
Me "Well I will have to ask her about this and hopefully I will get to meet her new husband."
"His name is David. I like him."

Not a question in his mind that this information is true!


March 7th, 2012


"Ms. Kara did you know that the taller you are the faster you can run?"
Me "I did not know that."
"It is true. Except my dad is taller than me but I can run faster. Since he is really tall his legs get sore."