April 25th, 2010

I was not in school all last week because a dear, dear friend who holds a very special place in my heart passed away. He was training to become a free diver and he died in a tragic accident in his family swimming pool. He was 25 and full of life. He taught me to smile when times were rough, to love unconditionally, and to live life without question. I would like to share a poem that was very special to him. I read this at his funeral this past Thursday.

If You Think You Can

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you'd like to win, but think you can't, its almost a cinch you won't.
If you think you'll loose, you've lost,
For out in the world we find success begins with a fellows' will, it's all in the state of mind.
Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man;
but sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can.

This is how Whitner lived life.This poem hung outside his bedroom when we were growing up and he read it often.
I will share this with my children one day.
I will live life to the fullest every single day and always think of him.

I am back in class with the kids this week but I am going to take off one more week from the blog.
Love to everyone. Cherish every moment.


April 15, 2011

My favorite excuses....

The weather has been really nice all week so when it is almost time to go outside the kids get very excited. This means they clean up very quickly and usually not very well. When their mess is discovered the responses are usually very similar. My two recent favorites are....

"Oh that was supposed to be a secret."


"That was sort of an accident. Maybe a little on purpose but also I forgot."

Have a great weekend everyone!


April 14th, 2011


"Ms. Kara do you have play dates?"
Me "I spend time with my friends but we do not really call them play dates."
"What do you do?"
Me "We go out to dinner and to see movies and things like that."
"Do you have to ask your mom first?"

Harry's questions always make me smile.


April 13th, 2011


"Ms. Kara when I grow up I want to be an astronaut. But first I have to be a pilot."
Me "Why do you have to be a pilot first?"
"Because that is the way it works. You have to be the very best pilot and then they ask you if you want to be an astronaut.... And you say Yes..... And then they let you be an astronaut."
Me "Who is they?"
"The government."


April 12th, 2011


"Ms. Kara someday I am going to invent a machine that gets rid of all the pollen all over the world so there will not be any more pollen ever and that way people will stop talking about how much they don't like pollen."
Me "Addison, I think that is a great idea."
"You're right, it is a great idea. I am going to do it."
Me "Wonderful. When are you going to start working on it?"
"Someday soon. When I grow up."


April 11th, 2011


"Good morning Ms. Kara."
Me "Good morning Bennett. Did you have a good break?"
"Yes! I did."
Me "You look taller."
"I am."
Me "Did you grow?"
"Yes I did. I am going to be very tall just like my dad."


April 1st, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

We have spring break next week so a few of the kids shared their plans with me....


"What is spring break?"
Me "It is a break from school for a whole week."
"Like an extra weekend?"
Me "Kind of."
"So if I have a t-ball game this weekend does that mean I get to play t-ball allllll week?"


Me "What are you doing for your spring break?"
"Celebrating my birthday!"
Me "The whole week?"
"Yes, of course."


"I want to ask Jacob if I can play t-ball with him all week."


Me "And Lucy what are your plans for spring break?"
"I don't know. Nothing.......April's Fools!"
Me "You're so silly."
"I know. I will be doing lots of fun things. You will have to wait and see."

Have a great week everyone! Ill be back on Monday April 11th!!

and Happy Birthday to Odelia!!