May 27th, 2011

Last Day of School

We had a brief half day today with lots of smiles and hugs.
The year flew by...I can not believe it is over.

I enjoyed every minute of teaching and spending time with these special, magical, beautiful young children.

I have loved sharing the moments of laughter and the moments that touch my heart.

Thank you for reading.

I will be back in August and look forward to sharing more special stories as I continue this wonderful journey of teaching....


May 26th, 2011

Molly, Marguerite and Addison

at the end of the day...

Addison "Bye Molly (hug)"
Marguerite "Bye Molly (hug)"
Addison and Marguerite "Bye (hug)"
Molly "Bye everyone...but you know tomorrow is the big hug day"

only one day left.

May 25th, 2011


"Ms. Kara it is almost summer vacation."
Me "I know, are you excited?"
"Yes so very excited...I am going to spend lots of time doing fun things in Atlanta...and I am going to Camp Serenbe...and maybe going to the beach...and I am going to get a gold fish."
Me "It sounds like you have lots of wonderful plans."
"Yes well summer last for 90 whole days you know."
Me "Yes, almost."
"And I am going to get my goldfish at the very end of summer so I can bring it to school for our very first show and share."
Me "I will look forward to that."
"Wonderful, see you then. Well actually I will see you at camp."

So excited for camp. I would be too sad if I went a whole summer without spending time with all of my little friends.


May 24th, 2011

Lucy and Harry

Lucy "Is tomorrow summer?"
Me "Not yet, after today we have three more days of school."
Harry "And then summer?"
Me "Yes, then summer."
Lucy "And Camp Serenbe!"
Harry "Camp Serenbe and swimming lessons!"
Lucy "Swimming lessons?"
Harry "Yes...so you can learn how to swim!"
Lucy "Well I know how to swim...so all I have to think about is Camp Serenbe!"
Harry "Maybe you could just take a few swimming lessons."
Lucy "But I know how to swim already silly."
Harry "Okay. See you at camp."

Yay for Camp Serenbe!...and swimming lessons!


May 23rd, 2011


Napoleon made me a get well card while I was sick. I had not read it yet so he decided he would tell me about it.

"Do you know what it says?"
Me "No, would you like to tell me?"
"Well first it has your name....and my name...so you know who it is for and who it is from."
Me "That is wonderful. I can't wait to read it."
"There is more.....then it says that I hope you feel better soon."
Me "Thank you so much, that is so sweet."
"And there is a birthday hat. I thought that might help."
Me "It will. I love birthdays."
"Well it is not your birthday yet. But you can look at it and then save it until it is your birthday and you feel better."
Me "That sounds great, I feel better already."
"Good. I am happy you are back."
Me "I am happy to be back. Thank you for helping me feel better Napoleon."
"You are so welcome."

This job gets better everyday. I can not believe we only have one week left of school...


May 13th, 2011

Unfortunately I am a little under the weather so I am crawling into my bed and will probably be mia for a few days.

Hope everyone else is well.

Its almost summer. I know the kids are getting excited.

May 12th, 2011


"Ms. Kara how old are you?"
Me "How old do you think I am?"
"I think you might be the same age as my mom. She is 23."


May 11th, 2011

Lucy and Napoleon

Napoleon (he just returned from a trip) "Did you miss me?"
Lucy "Yes. Did you miss me?"
Napoleon "Yes."
Lucy "Ok."

 Glad we cleared that up.


May 10th, 2011


"What does a burritto say to a taco?"
Me "I am not sure. What?"
"Where have you beeaaannnn?"


May 9th, 2011


"I made dinner last night."
Me "That's wonderful, did your dad help you?"
Me "Was it for your mom for mother's day?"
Me "How sweet. What else did you do?"
a very long pause with lots of thinking looks on his face
"The Easter bunny came and I got jelly beans."
Me "Was that maybe a few weeks ago? On Easter?"
"Ohhhhh, yes."
Me "It's ok, there are a lot of special days to keep track of."
"Yessssss there are."

Happy Mother's Day to all the Wonderful Moms. Thank you for all you do.